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Hey all
Well, due to the overwhelming response to my Friday email about collecting donations and driving down, I have had to alter the plans a little!!!! For those new to the list...I sent an email Friday about how I hated what was going on in Louisiana & the other southern states due to Katrina and I wanted to help. I was going to drive items I collected down...well, needless to say it has become something much bigger than that!

Thank you to all who have donated and to those who have committed to donating! You are all very much appreciated!

My mom & I have revived a non-profit in Lafayette, Louisiana called Otto's Angels (named after my grandfather). Visit the new website for details -

Instead of myself driving down, we now have a person driving a semi-truck (18 wheeler type), and he is leaving for Louisiana ASAP! I have lots of items coming to my house Thurs/Fri - but the sooner they can be dropped off, the better! We also plan to have a second truck and/or plane bringing stuff down next week! I am also listing other 'drop-off' locations, as I've now teamed up with a few other people organizing efforts to ensure we get the most coverage possible!

The big key points for this email are:
- Need Money for Gas - is about $1500 / trip
- Drop-Off locations
- Fundraiser NEXT THURSDAY
- Need clothes etc that is gathered, toiletries, linens, towels, and baby stuff
- Need small furniture
- Need volunteers to be at drop-off locations to help load and organize
- SPREAD the WORD!!!!!

Drop-off Locations-
1. We are planning on having the truck parked in front of my house
THIS THURSDAY (tomorrow) at my house - email me for info - ! If you want to drop things off to load, that would be great! If you aren't able to come by until Friday night, that is fine, we'll make sure it makes it on the next shipment!

2. Boxes can also be dropped at
Acton High School on Charter Road, Acton. The directions are as follows:
Off Rte. 111, two blocks from the corner of Rte. 27 and Rte 111 in Acton.
Go down Charter Road past the Junior High School and at the end of the road.
Drop off is in the main lobby of the High School
Weekdays 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM for the next week.
PLEASE make sure things are in boxes.And dry.And clean.And marked (Men, Womens, Kids, and what they are.).

3. We are also coordinating a donation drive this
SATURDAY & SUNDAY (9/10/05, 9/11/05) with KISS 108 - they have offered their parking lot as a staging area and drop-off site! They are also going to be broadcasting the information on their radio station! There's a semi-truck coming which will be parked at the KISS 108 parking lot on the Medford/Everett line. It's very safe location. People are needed to be there for collection of items!

4. Carlisle is organizing a drop spot on the
Carlisle Commons on Saturday. More details later.

There is a fundraiser planned for next
THURSDAY (9/15/05) after work at 'The Place' - there will be a $50 cover charge with 100% going to Otto's Angels to help pay for the trucks to get down to Louisiana! They will also be auctioning off items and have some 'local celebrities' present. Save the Date and pass it on!!!!

You may be overwhelmed with this information - so in summary -
What is needed -
1. Money to pay for gas / shipping - please either mail it to my address (64 Bayswater St #2) or bring it to my house or the KISS drop-off. I will be setting up paypal on tonite...
2. Donations of goods - in the Boston area or if you are on the route down to La. (see below for needed items)
3. Volunteers in Louisiana to load/unload/distribute etc
4. Trucks & Drivers / Planes & Pilots
5. Warehouses / Storage places in Louisiana & Boston
6. PEOPLE to come SATURDAY (9/10) to KISS 108 & THURSDAY (9/15) to The Place

One of our contacts just spoke with the Director of the Red Cross operation in Lafayette.

1. The priority has shifted from clothes to small furniture items suitable
for starting a home. small tables, for example. They still need clothes,
but they see that the need for clothes will end in the next week or so. So
we're supposed to send the clothes that we have in the pipeline, but not
push for more.

2. She says that all the big supply chains are supplying all the big
shelters, but she's getting NOTHING still. The churches are getting
NOTHING. So she needs everything, particularly new toiletries.

3. She says that she loves us all! She can't believe that we're doing
this. She was almost in tears she was so grateful.

Thank you all for your generosity! My family, friends, and all victims of Katrina are very grateful for any and all support!!!!!
Here's a list of items assembled from various websites and media. Add
your own ideas. I've *starred* the items that have been requested from the most
locations. We'll know more each day, when the people down there check the
boxes and tell us what they still don't have.

Nonperishable Food Items
Milk (powdered, canned, non-refridgerated, Parmalat)
Baby Formula
Cheerio's / O's for toddlers
Special Needs Diets (non-sugar, non-salt)

* Undergarments for Bladder Control
* Feminine Products (tampons, pads)
* Toothpaste
* Toothbrushes
* Floss
* Sunscreen
* Shampoo
Shaving Cream
Antiseptic Mouthwash
Eye care (saline)
Bar Soap
Products for Black hair
Non-abrasive skin creams (face/neck/elbows)
Body Lotion
Body Powder
Wash Cloths
Toilet paper
Eye Glass, Eye Contacts Cleaner
Denture Cleaner, Bond

First Aid Supplies
* aspirin
* baby aspirin
* band aids (strips to pads, all sizes)
* alcohol
* betadine
* mosquito repellant
ben-gay , menthol vick's cream
insect bite anti-itch cream
cotton balls
Cotton Swabs/Qtips
Sterile gauze
Milk of Magnesia, Pepto Bismol
Epsom Salts
antibiotic creams
Cold/Heat Wraps
Sewing Kit

Baby Items
* Disposable diapers
* Wet wipes
A&D Desitin

Men's Items
* Briefs
* Socks

Women's Items
Feminine Products
* pads
* tampons
new bras/undies
Over-the-counter medicine (Monistat, Motrin, Tylenol, Advil)
Hair bands, ponytail bands
Hair pins

Children's Items
* Clothes
* Underwear
* Socks
* Shoes
* books/small toys/pacifiers
* bottles

School Supplies
* Notebooks
* Pencils, Pens
Pencil cases
Safety scissors

Board Games
Coloring books
Movies for children
Story books
Construction Paper
Scratch Pads

Thank you,
Stephanie Wilson | | *: | PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP | Systems and Process Assurance
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